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Dear Lake Cities Soccer Association,
Since the last time I saw you I have done and accomplished much. Not only have I excelled at my school work, but I have also managed to make many friends. I had three main goals when I left Corinth for Abilene at the start of the school year. 1) Make above a 3.2 2) Get plugged into a local Abilene church and 3) Make some friends.
The requirement set by ACU to keep my scholarships is a 3.2 and coming into freshman year my main concern was "Can I do that?" Fortunately, other than a little mishap of not realizing I should study more for college finals that high school and having a really hard time staying awake in my Bible class I did well.  At the end of my first semester I have a 3.8.  I received A's in my Intro to Business, Environmental Science, English, and Ethics and Worldview classes.  The only class I finished with a B in was my Bible class, which like I said, the professors voice sounded too much like a lullaby and I had too many friends in the class to give the class my full attention. 
My second goal was probably the easiest of my goals to achieve.  Finding a good church home as important to me and me and my roommate found one our first week on campus. We like to refer to Abilene as the buckle of the Bible Belt because it has the most churches per 10,000 people than any other city in the United States.  So as far as churches come I had plenty of options.  I found out about South Pointe church form the manager at my roommate's job at Hibbet Sports in Abilene.  He led a life group there and invited us to come the next Sunday and we automatically found a perfect fit there.  The best description I could give you would be that tit's much like one of The Village Churches but much smaller.  Through this church I have become involved in both the college ministry along with helping in the youth group.
My third goal was to make a lot of new friends and I'd say I succeeded.  I'm a pretty outgoing person so this task wasn't too hard but it did start out slow.  I was pretty nervous about the whole "starting over with who you are in college" concept and I had a couple of friends from back home with me so I eased into making friends.  After the first week though I realized, dang, I know barely anyone. So after that I put myself out there and was able to make a good core group of friends and I no longer had to rely on my friends form back home.  Unfortunately I can't tell you everything we've done so far this year because this letter is too small, but I've learned how to two step (kind of a requirement of living in West Texas).  We threw a bonfire by the lake and 200 of our freshman class of 1200 showed up.  We experimented with putting thumb tacks on the end of Nerf darts, which ended with a bit of blood loss.  We made Tasers from disposable cameras (they got confiscated), and through all of this I came out mostly unscathed with only a couple of noise violations to show for my trouble.
This is pretty much the main points of how my first semester at ACU went.  Next semester I will be continuing my college mascot career during the basketball season and hopefully putting the skills I learned in my time with the LCSA to use by refereeing intramural soccer.  Again I thank all of you who contributed to this scholarship and I hope you know I greatly appreciate it.
Collin Graves,
Freshman at Abilene Christian University 



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